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Worldwide GPS Tracker: Tracking Mini Device For Car

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Real-time Tracking Anywhere and Anytime

With SKINMOZ GPS tracker device, easy to check your cars in real-time. Connecting the device to your car and know your car's real-time location, trip histories, driving habits, etc. The ST-901L 4g GPS location tracker use about 30MB data per month. It built-in 150 mAh backup battery, When the engine starts will charging. Or you can connect it to your car battery directly, it will always online no worry outage.

The ST-901L gps tracker is compatible with any Smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. You can login to your account and track the car on Google maps via our free tracking platform anytime and anywhere. Never worry where your car.



motorcycle gps tracker 





Functions :


  • 1.Build-in GPS Vehicles locator
  • 2.Support LTE-FDD B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B66/GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz which can Work worldwide
  • 3.Support track the real time address by google link
  • 4.Built in battery 150 mAh
  • 5.Support Geo Fence Alarm
  • 6.Main Power Off Alarm
  • 7.Support single location
  • 8.Support Over Speed Alarm
  • 9.Support Low Power Alarm
  • 10.Waterproof
  • 11.With ACC to detect ignition
  • 12.With Cut engine OFF function(You should connect Yellow wire to car's relay so that you can use this function)









Easy to Install :

as soon s you order one, our team Will send you a video to explain to you how to setup it, however the ST-901L 4g GPS tracker When you active your tracker, then you can connect to the car. Orange wire connect to ACC ( ACC Alarm,it can check the engine OFF/ON.Yellow wire is connect to your car's relay. If you don’t want connect Orange and Yellow wires, it does not affect the use of tracker); Black wire connect to power “-”; Red wire connect to power “+”.


Waterproof GPS Tracker for Cars :

Waterproof material, added dense design and deeply waterproof, could prevent rain and dirt. It also prevent any bad environment. It is suitable for outdoor use.(Attention: Please don’t put into water directly)


History Route Playback :

Using our sinotrack tracking platform provides history reports mapping all past locations, speed, addresses with dates and times via Web / App anytime and anywhere. Sinotrack gps tracking platform updates every 30 seconds gives you a real-time view of what happened for anytime.


Know where your Loved ones :

Install it in your teen, daughter and loved one’s vehicle to monitor speeding and safe driving. You can login to our tracking platform to check where they are. If your father too far away from his home and into a potentially dangerous situation, you can find him immediatelyanytime and anywhere.


Multiple Devices in One Account :

If you’re a Fleet manager who needs to manage your many vehicles at the same time, please send your all ID numbers and tell us what’s username you want, we will help you create a group account, then you can see all cars on one APP/Web platform. You can check your car anywhere and monitor your workers are lazy, you don’t worry if your car safe and workman if working hard.








  • STEP 1. – Activate Sim


Buy a local SIM card with 4G(LTE) network function and Install the new sim card into your mobile phone and activate the sim card and remove SIM card’s PIN code. Make sure it can make a call, send a text and has an internet connection. Once this is confirmed, insert SIM to your tracker.


  • STEP 2. – Turn on the tracker


Charge it about 1 hour first.

The yellow and blue indicator lights will start flashing while it searches for a network and GPS.

Please wait 5 minutes in a good reception area (by a window or outside) for both lights to come on constantly. It will continue to flash yellow if it can not find a network. Move it to another location.

Please note, when the device has a GPS signal it will get a GPS location. If not it will get its location using LBS.


  • STEP 3. - Setting APN for the tracker


(1) You need to know your tracker’s SIM card's APN (You can ask your SIM card provider);

(2) Please note the following operations need From another phone number send text messages command to the tracker’s sim card’s phone number to set tracker's APN.

For example:

APN is: everywhere

APN username is: eesecure

APN password is: secure

(1) If your SIM card’s APN without username and password, then send text command(8030000+space+APN) to the tracker, it will reply “SET OK”.

Text command is: 8030000 everywhere

(2) If your APN with username and password:

Then sned text Command(8030000+Space+ APN+space+ APN user+Space+ APN pass) to the tracker : 8030000 everywhere eesecure secure

Please note: Different SIM card has difference APN. Please apply the above formula according to your actual APN to set up your machine


  • STEP 4. - Setting GPRS mode


Send text command to the device to set GPRS mode:7100000

Then wait about 30sec, both blue and orange light should stay ON which mean you can now login to sinotrackpro web or app to check if tracker active. (Username is your tracker’s ID number that write on the product, password: 123456)

If you set ok of all, you can track it online. If it online but show China location, then take it to the outside which signal good place to get GPRS signal, when it get signal, will update your location.

If the device is not online, please check device setting, send: RCONF to device,

It will reply the setting you can check in reply:

1. The APN if is correct;

2. The IP and Port if is correct(IP and port are write in the usermanual,you can check if same as reply)

3. The device working model, (GPRS model)





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