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Wizard Fire Ball Wand

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Unleash the magic with our Harry Potter Wands. Perfect for cosplay, costume parties, birthday props, gifts, and Halloween, our Harry Potter wands come in a super cool box. It's time to do cool hexes and spells with your wand. 

☄️World's First Fireball Shooting Wand!☄️





Harry Potter Spitfire Wand, A magic wand from Hogwarts.

Every time you watch Harry Potter, do you also want to have a magic wand that can exert magic to your heart's content, but you are worried that there is no real Ollivander magic wand store in reality?

Today, you don't have to be disappointed anymore, because it is coming. As long as you read the fire-breathing mantra INCENDIO, it can immediately summon the fireball and let the fireball fly again in the air, drawing a gorgeous flame.






Spray switch: spray double switch, toggle switch + silent button switch, when the toggle switch is closed, the push button switch will not trigger, and when the toggle switch is open, the push button switch will trigger.






Let The Fun Begin! 



Advantages: The advantages of the double switch are firstly safer and prevent accidental touches, secondly, it is more convenient, such as consumables can be loaded in advance and the toggle switch is turned off, and thirdly, it is more power-saving, preventing accidental pressing of the button switch and causing the battery to run out. 

Product specifications: about length 345 at the thinnest part 7 at the thickest part 30mm length 410 at the thinnest part 7 at the thickest part 26mm box 436*73*38mm weight 280g volume 650g hollow steel tube inside and resin outside.




Precautions: You must watch the teaching before using it. Minors must use it under the supervision of a guardian. Do not shoot at people or flammable objects.

Imagine what the audience will say after you perform this effect:
"Do you really know magic?"
"This is magic! Are you Harry Potter?"
You will become a real wizard, instantly attracting the attention of everyone around you.





You cannot directly see the situation in the launch port with your eyes. Reflection inside the mirror to see what's inside the tube. Do not strike or beat the wand.

Range: 10-25 feet, the bigger the ball of paper, the farther the fireball flies
Charging method: USB [Can be used repeatedly]





How It Works?





Our Wizard Explains


One Click Ignition - Reload & Fire 

Using flash paper, tear and roll the paper. Push it into the wand and your all set! The tighter/bigger the paper the further the flame ball will go. Illusionwand is 100% portable and works without fuel, lighter, or any harmful items.

Is The Fireball Safe?

Our Wizard Explains




Product Details:

  • Package Includes: SKINMOZ Wand x 1, Flash Paper x 1 (up to 60 Shots), Instruction Book x 1
  • Wand Length: 16 inches 
  • Material: Resin, Handmade
  • Range: 10-15 feet - The bigger & tighter of paper, the further the fireball
  • Charging Method: USB 
  • Charging Time: 1 hour


Note: This is a magic wand that can really breathe fire. Please read all the safety information carefully and use it carefully.

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Theodore Rau
Beautiful Skinmoz Wand

My son loves this and we were impressed with how sturdy it is. thanks make sure skinmoz brand before ordering ...

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