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Manual Wire Stripper Quick Tool

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Wire Stripping Made Easy And Convenient! 

Universal Versatile Handheld Quick Wire Stripper is a practical tool that can help you strip wires quickly, efficiently, and safely. It's equipped with a sharp and adjustable blade, allowing it to process a wide variety of wires without a hitch!



How to Hold :


✓ Hold the tool with your dominate hand.
✓ Position the machine between your thumb and pointer finger.
✓ Squeeze the stripper and let the blade tip enter the hole.





Set Cutting Depth :

✓ Adjust the blade depth to an estimated level based on the wire you . are stripping by turning the adjustment screw.

✓ When adjusted properly there should be a minimal pulling force and the blades should glide across the insulation.

✓ For difficult wires the blade angle can be adjusted by slightly loosening the screw holding the blade, repositioning the blade, and tightening.






Wire Stripping :

✓ Choose a hole on the wheel slightly larger than the wire.
✓ Set the blade tip to the correct height.
✓ Insert the wire about one inch past the wheel from the back of the machine.
✓ Pull the wire through the front of the machine, keep pulling until the entire wire has passed the wheel.
✓ Find the slit and pull the copper out of the insulation. 



Specifications :

✓ Good for most wires from 24 AWG (3/64") and up, either solid or stranded.
✓ Great wire stripper for on-the-go users looking to strip small sections of scrap wire.
✓ This machine may not be able to strip wires thicker than 10 AWG, especially with tougher insulation.
✓ Product Size: 3-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 2"



Package included :

— 1 x  Wire Stripper Tool

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