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Ultrasonic Clothing, Fruit And Dish Washer : Portable Washing Machine

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SKINMOZ Cleaner™ takes the hassle and strain out of everyday household chores!

Rinse And Wash Dishes With Ease:

Just fill a tub or sink with water and a little bit of your favorite dish soap.

SKINMOZ Cleaner™ will do the rest. Watch it in action! 





Compact & Portable Design

It fits comfortably on countertops or tables that require less space. It can easily fit in sinks and buckets. Keep it at home or take it camping or on trips!





Stain Removing Emulsification

This powerful dish and clothing washer has 4 stages: cleaning, high-frequency pulsing, vibration, and cavitation.




Oxygenation Bubbles:

High-pressure water creates thousands of bubbles that burst directly into the water, making quick work of dirty dishes and clothes.




How does it Work?

The sonic sterilization produces micro-scale pressure bubbles to generate mechanical waves, causing stubborn dirt to disappear.




Versatile Cleaning:


SKINMOZ Cleaner™ cleans away pesticides and bacteria off all kinds of fruits and vegetables, without using harmful detergents or chemicals. 





USB Power Supply:

SKINMOZ Cleaner™ is battery-powered, remote-controlled, And charges via USB.

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