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SSD Internal Drive 1TB : Portable Solid State Drive 2.5 SATA III - Fast Speed

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The World in your SSD :

Get your Digital work, Videos, Pictures, Files, entertainment, coursework anywhere, on any device. Feel the freedom of huge storage and speedy transfers to laptops, smartphones, and more. The latest easily slides in your pocket or purse.

With no moving parts, a solid-state drive GOLDENFIR BRAND is designed to help protect against data loss if a drive is accidentally bumped or dropped. 


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Faster than external HDD

Fast Transfer Speeds

This SKINMOZ Goldenfir Disk Internal SATA 2.5 offers up to 1TB storage capacity. It has sequential read speeds of up to 500 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 500 MB/s allow for fast system boot up, quick application, response, and rapid transfer speeds. It resolves the need for enhanced speed and high-end computing like gaming, HD media playback, or creative software. With 1.75M hours of MTTF (mean time to failure) and an endurance rating of up to 400TBW (terabytes written) ensures your data is protected for years to come.

Transfer your media files in seconds.



  • Suitable for desktops, notebooks, minicomputers, all-in-ones, and other commercial PC
  • The shock-proof, durable, and extremely reliable SSD represents the absolute best quality in the field.
  • 1-year limited warranty.







• Interface and compatibility: International standard SATA interface, SATA 3.0 downward compatibility SATA 2.0
• Supported systems: Windows XP / 7 / 2003 / 2008, DOS, Linux, Unix
• Application: Suitable for desktops and notebooks, minicomputers, all-in-ones, and other commercial computers


Key features:

• High quality: Years of SSD production experience, strictly tested one-by-one
• Best service: Direct service from factory
• Lowest price: Factory sell directly
• Quality warranty: Enjoy free replacement for three years

Read before purchasing:

• Our speed test on specific configuration desktops use SATA III interfaces/SATA III cable without an operating system. Test results are just for reference.
• SATA 3.0 SSD tested on SATA 2.0 interfaces and SATA 2.0 cables will have a speed lower than 300MB/S. Laptops will be unstable and lower than desktops.
• Different test platforms and test software versions may have different results. According to the international standard 1000 KB = 1 MB. (Real capacity: Capacity x 0.93)

Test platform:

• Intel G3900 CPU, MSI B150M PRO-VDH motherboard, Samsung DDR4 4GB 2400 MHz RAM
• Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit Professional operating system
• No operating system In SSD
• SATA 3.0 6 GB/S interface, SATA3.0 6GB/S cable


Package Includes :

  • 1 x SSD Internal Solid State Drive  


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