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Smart LED Bulb : smart Light Color Changing bulbs Wifi

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SKINMOZ WiFi Classic Smart Light Bulbs are the simplest way to get started with smart lighting. 


No hub is required — just install the LED bulb like a standard light bulb and connect it to your home's 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Control the bulb through the Sengled Home app (iOS and Android) to manage the smart lights, including adjusting the brightness, setting schedules, creating scenes.

You can also control the lights with your voice when paired to your Amazon Alexa devices or Google Assistant smart speakers.




  • Voice Control: Color-changing WiFi Classic smart bulbs that work with Alexa and Google Home. Control your smart light bulb via voice commands to turn your smart bulbs on/off, create colorful mood scenes, adjust brightness, and more, e.g. Switch on the Alexa light bulbs before getting out of bed, dim the smart lights from the couch to watch a movie.



  • Schedule Feature: Designed with 16 million colors and tunable white (Amber to Cool White, from 2000K to 6500K) with HIGH CRI>90. Easily setup via using SKINMOZ LIGHT Home App (iOS and Android), Use the QR CODE included, turn smart light bulb on/off, dim smart bulb to the desired level and set up schedules from anywhere. Program timers and routines to automate your entire smart home lighting setup. Control your smart light bulbs while away from home.




  • Remote Control: Enhance your smart home with smart WiFi bulb color-changing lights, controlled remotely wherever you are. Set timers and light schedules, automating your smart lights to make it seem like someone is home, even when you are away. You can also create a group for all of your Alexa light bulbs, and easily group controls your smart light bulbs with Alexa devices or Google Assistant players.





  • Wake Up & Sleep Mode: Easily setup via using the SKINMOZ Home App (iOS and Android). Schedule your smart lights to slowly light up. Starting at the set time, the smart bulbs will slowly brighten throughout the timespan you set. Your lights will slowly get brighter in the morning. And you can also schedule your lights to simulate a sunset so that you can fall asleep more naturally every evening. Your bulbs will slowly dim over the timespan you set.




  • No Hub Required: Connect to your home's secure 2.4GHz WiFi network directly, No need for a smart hub or extra equipment. All you need is your smartphone, the Sengled Home App, and a 2.4GHz WiFi router to start controlling your smart lights from anywhere. 3-Year Warranty. Live customer service based in the U.S.







  1. Q: Do I have to have my wi-fi constantly set to 2.4GHz to keep working? Or just for installation?
    A: Yes, our smart bulbs match with 2.4GHz network for both working and installation.

    2. Q: Can this be used outdoors?
    A: As long as it is within your WiFi network coverage and not directly exposed to rain or high moisture environment, the smart light bulb can work outdoors.

    3. Q: Can my Echo Plus change the color via voice command? Or do I have to set colors in app?
    A: You can use Alexa to set the color, when you say “Alexa, set living room lights to blue / green / purple / yellow / orange / pink / white”, it does change the color.

    4. Q: Can the bulb pulsate different colors to the beat?
    A: Yes. you can choose the “music mode” on the APP and you can have the lights dance and change colors to the beat.

    5. Q: Will these withstand below freezing temperatures?
    A: It's okay within a certain extent. Normal working temperature is -10°C~55°C.

    6. Q: Is it about the width of a standard bulb? We need to know if they will fit our current light fixtures.
    A: Our smart light bulb is suitable for E26, E27 and B22, which fits most light fixtures.

    7. Q: Can I have two cell phones connected to the bulbs?

    A: Yes. You can share your device to another phone which already download the App and connected bulbs. You can control smart bulbs with your family.

    8. Q: How do I get the preset modes like “party” to work with alexa voice command?
    A: When you create a new scene, you can control it via alexa voice "Alexa, turn on party".



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