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Shake Magical Cup 55 Degree Thermos Fast Cup - Flask Mug 280ml Water Bottle

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Food grade materials, high temperature resistant, wear resistant, anti-aging and durable, effectively ensuring your drinking safety.


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The incredibly compact, more elaborate and portable design is highly sealed and can be carried in only one small package .




55 degree Celsius (=131 degree Fahrenheit) stable temperature vacuum cup with 280ml capacity, simple style, lovely color, matte texture, and fine grinding.






The inner is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with a matte surface texture, which is not easy to fall off, suitable for home, sports and travel use.



By shaking the cup, you will have 55℃ (=131℉) water in minutes. You don't have to wait when drinking water in the morning, feeding your baby, taking medicine or after exercising.

Two Usages : You just need to pour boiling water into the cup and shake it for about 1 minute to cool the hot water to 55℃. In addition, when you pour some cold water into the cup and shake it for about 1 minute, you will soon get hot water at 55℃ again.


Instruction :


  • Step 1 : The firstly cup of (hot water), pour boiling water to 100℃, tighten the lid, shake up and down for about 1 minute, unscrew the lid, the cup of cold water is enough to drink.
  • Step 2 : After the cup (cold water) in the second step, you can pour cold water into it and tighten the lid. You can also shake it left and right for about 1 minute and unscrew the lid again. The cold water in the cup will quickly become warm water at 55℃.
  • Step 3 : The third cup (hot water), if you want to pour it into the cup after drinking the firstly cup, boil at 100℃ water, wait for about 1 hour, otherwise the cooling effect will not be so obvious.


Note :

After drinking the firstly cup of boiling water, if you want to continue to use the cooling function, please rinse the inner wall of the cup with tap water for 1 minute, or let it stand for 1 hour to quickly cool down again.

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