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Saker Spray Paint Racks : Door Painting Drying Rack, Paint Interior Or Exterior

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The "Magic Racks" That Let You Paint, Dry, and Store Totally Mess-Free

Save time & space with these spray paint racks



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Painting & Spray Painting

Doors, trim, cabinets, and boards.


Touch-free stacking and ample airflow.

Reaching Angles

Easily flip around to reach difficult angles.

Clean Finish

Avoid drips, runs, and smudges while painting.


Open up more space in your shed and workspace. 


Keep the floors clear of debris.



Painted Doors, Trim, and Cabinets up to 10x More Professional

With the Saker Paint Racks, your days of fumbling around with wet paint, doors, and trim are over. Thanks to the innovative “ɪ” shape design of Saker, now you can keep your boards steady and easily flip them over to detail hard-to-reach angles, without the risk of smudging.

Your projects are done faster, have less clean-up, and look up to 10x more professionals.




  • Smudge-free Design

    Seamlessly flip over the boards without touching them and risking smudges.

  • Easy to Use

    Any level of a handy person can get professional-looking work.

  • Light and Sturdy

    Carry them to any worksite, and hold heavy boards like doors.

  • Faster Drying

    Saker boards allow in even airflow to all sides - no risk of smudging.

  • Free Up Space

    Stay organized and neatly store your boards on the site or in the shed.




Save on Messes, Time & Space

When you use Saker "Magic" Racks, you avoid the messy drips, runs, and smudges that usually come with painting your doors, cabinets, and trim. You save time from arranging the boards, drying, and cleanup. You can store multiple boards on the racks, and free up space around your worksite or shed. 




Why do Professionals Only Trust Saker?

Over 86,000 construction journeymen and foremen around the USA praise Saker for the innovative, efficient design. Other racks stay stationary and require you to touch them with your hands in order to flip. Saker uses an innovative “ɪ” shape design with rotating fixtures that allow you to turn your work without smudging, and add detail in hard-to-reach places.


Saker Paint Racks are So Easy to Use

  • STEP 1

    Prepare your door, cabinet, or board by removing all the hardware like bolts, hinges, and knobs.

  • STEP 2

    Attach the shelf to all four corners of your board or door, then start painting.

  • STEP 3

    Using the "ɪ" shape of the shelf, flip the board over when you're ready to do the other side - it won’t smudge on your fingers or the boards beneath it.



Package includes :


  • 4 Tools




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