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LED Shower Head: Color Shower Head Digital Display

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Enjoy a relaxing experience using this versatile shower

Adjust water flow and temperature to your own liking

Refresh and Regenerate. 

Transform your shower into an experience equal to that of a luxury spa! 

This bathroom hand shower, with its three configurations to choose from, simple installation, and first-level design, will give you a revitalizing experience you love so much.





  • 3 Different Settings: Enjoy a satisfying shower experience with the exact flow of water you need. 3 Shower Modes are available, you can adjust them by pressing the round button 1) normal shower 2) as sprayer 3) normal shower + sprayer.

  • 3 LED Colors: Aside from the two functions of this shower, this shower is added with extra fun lights that serve the double purpose of signifying the current water temperature. Together with the digital display, you can set the exact temperature you want from

    🟦 Cool: Blue (0 ~ 29)

    🟩 Warm: Green (30 ~ 39)

    🟥 Hot: Red (40 ~ 49)

    These LED lights are powered by running water.
    So, no batteries are ever needed. 
  • High Quality & Long Lasting: The showerhead uses ABS material with a galvanized surface, anti-corrosion, and anti-aging components.

  • NEW & Improved: Since the motor works with noise, our supplier has made improvements to reduce noise.

    Our showers can generally operate under 2 MPA water pressure.




  • Made with ABS material with an electroplated surface & anti-corrosion.
  • 3 spraying modes
  • Digital displays 
  • LED light color 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip.
  • Easy to connect



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