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Flame Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser : Electric Mini Car Fire Aroma Diffuser

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The unique simulated flame aroma humidifier makes your room look cool, which is very suitable for winter decoration.

Enhance the ambiance and mood of your room with this SKINMOZ Flame Diffuser.  







Trying to find an aromatherapy diffuser that actually works? Look no further! The SKINMOZ Flame Diffuser has an incredible ultrasonic mist maker that will allow you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy like never before. It's perfect for your home, car, office, dorm room.






Do you want to experience a new level of relaxation? If so, then try out an ÖME Flame Diffuser! This diffuser creates a relaxing mist that is perfect for any space. Give your space some new life with an ÖME essential oil diffuser from the comfort of your own home.






Do you suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory illness? With SKINMOZ's diffusers, you can take control of your indoor air quality. Our diffusers emit an ultrasonic mist that carries essential oils into your room. This will assist in getting rid of toxins in the air and provide a safe environment for you to breathe in.



  • Creative design: This diffuser creates a realistic flame effect with light and water mist. The unique design gives people a special feeling and adds fun to life.
  • Mute work: the aromatherapy diffuser adopts mute technology to provide soft and comfortable fog and pleasant fragrance while ensuring a quiet environment. It is very suitable for sleeping, reading or working.
  • Ultrasonic atomization technology: the fragrance diffuser has a built-in ultrasonic atomizer, which can disperse water and essential oil into fine water mist, moisturize the air and bring comfortable fragrance.
  • Soft light: This aromatherapy diffuser has a unique soft light, which can adjust the brightness of the flame, create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere, achieve the effect of relaxation, and is suitable for sleep.
  • Intelligent work: This diffuse has an intelligent power-off function, which can automatically power off when the water is insufficient, making it safer to use.


Flame Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Electric Mini Car Aroma Diffuser




  • Capacity: 180ml
  • Rated power: 4.5W
  • Spray velocity 15-20ml/h
  • Use time: 9-12 hours
  • Certifcation: ce,RoHS,FCC
  • OEM/ODM: Support
  • Function: Add essential oils for aromatherapy, Air humidification, Flame night light




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