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Cushion Seat Chair : One seat chair, Back Pillow For Home And Office Chair

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Are you looking for a comfortable seat cushion that can also relieve your Hip or Back Pain? This Backrest Pillow Seat Cushion is ideal for sedentary people to reduce the discomfort of sitting for a long time effectively!


  • Eliminate Discomfort of Sitting For A Long Time
  • Protect Your Spine & Bottom
  • Relieve Lower Back, Tailbone Pain & Sciatica
  • Perfect Fit With Any Kinds of Chairs!
  •  Premium quality: It uses Eco-friendly high-grade material and PP fabrics, it protects your spine and bottoms from catching a cold in winter. Soft and fluffy, it will not deform over time.


Super Soft Semi-Enclosed One Seat Chair Cushion For Home & Office Chair
  •  Comfortable non-slip chair back cushion: In accordance with the dimension design of the human body, it has a non-slip bottom and strap design to keep it in place. Safe and reliable.
  • Relieves pain and discomfort: The super-soft chair pad provides excellent back support and relieves common symptoms due to body weight pressure. It eliminates and helps with sciatica relief, back pain, and more.
  • Multi-purpose and widely used: Easy to clean and maintain. It is a perfect solution for sedentary people. Perfect for chairs at home, work, or when traveling.



Do you feel stiff and sore after sitting down for a long time? The reason can be the rock-hard surface of your seating chair. Our Semi-Enclosed One Seat Cushion provides you with the support you lack and keeps your back and head in a better posture. The super-soft texture offers you a comfortable seating position for hours. 


  • Relax for a long time to release stress
  • Quick rebound, personal care
  • Use it everywhere
  • Quality is a kind of life, health is a pursuit





  • VAST USAGE: The cushion can be the perfect solution for people who suffer from back pain. It also can be used as a home decoration. Whether it is placed on the seats of the dining room, study, bedroom, office, or on the ground, the cushion can be the ultimate addition to your space. The cushion is comfortable and exciting, which is suitable for the terrace, garden, backyard, yoga, office, and other occasions. 
  • AMAZING & EXQUISITE DESIGN: The supporting waist pad adopts a large fan-shaped waist protection design to protect the waist adequately. It ensures that when you sit on the chair, the waist and spine can be well supported and wrapped without too much pressure. The cushion adopts the circular hole pressing design that gives an elegant look to your space.
  • NON SLIP & EXQUISITE DESIGN: The back of the cushion is also tied with a belt, which can be fixed on the chair to prevent the cushion from shaking back and forth. The chair back cushion features the dimension design of the human body. It has a non-slip bottom and strap design to keep you in place. 
  • RELIEVE YOUR PAIN & DISCOMFORT: The super-soft chair cushion provides you with excellent back support. Hence, it relieves the common symptoms of pans due to body weight pressure. It eliminates sciatica, back pain, and more.
  • CONVENIENT CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: You can conveniently wash it with hands and machines. You can hang it somewhere and let it dry. Even after numerous washing, the cushion stays in a full and fluffy, perfect state.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The seat cushion is made of eco-friendly PP fabrics that keep you warm. The material and ergonomic design provide the ultimate durability that will not deform over time.
  • PORTABLE & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: The cushion adopts a foldable design, which can be folded and stored when not in use. You can take the seat cushion anywhere you want! 
  • SOFT & FLUFFY: The inner core is made of high-quality PP cotton, which has better softness, fuzzy feeling, good resilience. 


Super Soft Semi-Enclosed One Seat Chair Cushion For Home & Office Chair





  • Material: PP + Polyester Fiber
  • Size: 18 in x 18 in 



  • 1 x Semi-Enclosed One Seat Cushion

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