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Chainsaw Sawmill Portable : Planking Milling Guide Bar Wood 36" / 48" inch

$149.95 USD
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The SKINMOZ Chainsaw Mill Portable Sawmill For Home :



Reasons of Owning a Portable Sawmill :


Do you have your own timber stand or have access to timber? This portable chainsaw mill will help you saw slabs of wood evenly and with ease. It easily attaches to your chainsaw bar .


Are you a "Do it yourself" looking to start your business? There are many ways to earn money with our portable sawmill example, you can carry this to your customer site to mill lumber from their wood .


Are you looking for a rewarding hobby? It is very rewarding to mill a rough log into a beautiful lumber with desired precision and in minutes !


Are you an avid wood worker? Even if you do not have access to your own timber, many local business, neighbours etc take down trees to give them away, you can turn rough trees into tables, cabinets etc with this sawmill !





Features :

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