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Car Travel Inflatable Air Mattress Back Seat Bed

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Thinking of camping out the weekend? Planning a road trip but pondering upon the stressful overnight drive? With SKINMOZ BED™ you will not have to worry about it anymore.

Get ready for road trips!


This Car Inflatable Air Mattress fits in the back seat of your car.  Gone are the days when on long trips you have to suffer from a restless night after stuffing yourself in whatever possible position in the back seat.



The Ultimate Road Trip Essential :

Ditch pricey hotel bills and rest comfortably on a road trip you'll never forget.  Lab Zenn Air Mattresses will give you the cozy sleep you need whether it's by yourself, with your spouse, or even with your loyal companion!



Made of high-quality soft flocked PVC material, providing excellent durability and comfort.





Highly Versatile and Easy-to-Use!

Our Air Mattresses are weatherproof and built tough, all while being very simple to inflate so you can quickly get in bed anywhere... outside under the stars or tucked in a tent. Need a cozy couch instead? Instantly shape them to turn into a cushioned love seat for any occasion. 



  • Multipurpose- While considered a mattress for travel, you don’t always have to bring it on the go. This back seat mattress can easily be your couch in the living room if you're looking for a more comfortable experience. Its softness is also a great reason to transform it into a kid’s inflatable bed. You know you love the feeling of sleeping on an air mattress and your kid, with their boundless energy, will enjoy it even more and help them get a good night’s sleep.
  • Durable Comfort- A kid’s portable bed is more or less a thing of the past with the emergence of SUV beds. Not only is this car air bed multifunctional, but you can also bank on its promise to offer you both comfort while lasting heavy usage since it’s made of high-quality soft flocked PVC material.
  • Compatibility - Get rid of that infant travel bed that takes up more space than needed. This car bed is compatible with most models. Whether you need a mattress for an SUV or an air mattress for the truck back seat, it can easily mold itself to the space. What's more, it comes with a safety block that prevents your children from falling into the gap between seats.



 Product Specifications :


  • PVC Flocked Material
  • Inflatable Setup
  • Electric Pump

  • Safety Block Feature





Note : 

If you don't know what is the size of your car, please search on Google for example ( Volkswagen dimensions )

You can also use this website:



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