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Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner : Fish Tank Pump Cleaner

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The Quick Fish Tank Water Changer with Air-Pressing Button Water Hose Controller Clamp is all what you need !


To keep fish happy and healthy with functioning immune systems, you need to change their water regularly.  Our Skinmioz ’s Aquarium Siphon Pump is a quick and simple method to drain and replace your fish tank water. 


Help maintain the cleanliness of your tank with Our Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Rock & Sand Cleaner with Pump, Clean Substrate.


Keep your fishy friends swimming free and clear with our Aquarium Gravel & Sand Cleaner! 


Aquarium Gravel Cleaner


This manual hand pump collects in minutes and highlights a gotten spout connection at the conclusion of the long adaptable hose to deplete grimy water without sucking up the rock or any submerged buddies.
Beside cleaning your aquarium, it can be utilized to recharge or deplete water as well.
The kink-resistant siphon cleaner is made of strong plastic and planned to not spill any water. This pump moreover highlights a versatile plan so it can be put away about anyplace.

Best of all, it's reasonable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.




  • 3 in1 Multi-function : This angle tank siphon cleaning device can be utilized for water changes, sand washing and earth suction. No have to be touch grimy water along with your hands.
  • SKINMOZ Patented Design: This aquarium gravel & sand cleaner is the latest design with more power suction power to provide a better user experience. The handle patented design provides a more comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable Length Design : Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System with 2 extension tubes for a total length of 40.9 inch. It can be extended from 22.4 inch to 40.9 inch. Applied to depth below 31.5inch aquariums.
  • Safe and Simple To Use: no need to use electricity, say goodbye to easy electric shock, can be used in power failure, energy-saving, pure manual operation. It can be used easily by pressing six or seven times. Although it is a manual operation, it is effortless and no time-consuming.


change water

Sand Washing

Dirt Suction

Water Changing

Sand Washing

Dirt Suction


Sand Washing Operation:


  1. After installing the equipment, put it in the fish tank, do not touch the sand and gravel, press and absorb the water until the water circulates naturally;
  2. Then insert the hard tube into the sand to absorb the sand (not too much);
  3. Move left and right to clean sand and gravel;
  4. Lift up and down to replace sand and gravel;
  5. Wash the sand in this way all the time.


 New Quick Water Changer


Package Included:


  • 1 *Air-pressing control body
  • 2 *Extension Inlet Tube
  • 1 *Extension tube connector
  • 1 *User Manual;
  • 1 *Duckbill suction inlet(Debris vacuum)
  • 1 *Outlet hose
  • 1 *Water Flow Clamp
  • 1 *Fixture clamp

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