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Hydration Bladder Water Camelbak Bladder : 3l - 2l Water Pack Reservoir Storage Bladder Bag

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Hiking, trail running, backpacking, cycling, camping, mountaineering and hunting are just but a few of the many outdoor activities contemporary humans engage in with the utmost zeal. Whether it is in winter or summer, hydration during outdoor adventures is mandatory in order to get the most out of your trip. Hence hydration bladders have taken the outdoor world by storm in recent years.

Are you looking for the best hydration bladder to keep your thirst at bay on your next outdoor adventure? While have a gook at SKINMOZ hydration reservoir.


The 2021 Durable Shape Shift 2L And 3L  Hydration Reservoir :

Smart design and peak performance all in one ! 

This durable reservoir fits nicely in most packs and has Dual FlexGrip handles, making it convenient to carry or access, and gives a secure grip while filling. The Shape-Shift is fully reversible for easy cleaning and the top opens wide for quick filling. Never have a leak again with a leak proof seal and High-flow Blaster bite valve that self seals after each sip! When you are ready to refill, disconnect the drink tube and let the auto shutoff valve do the work so your pack stays dry.


water reservoir




Made from food grade PEVA material and certified by FDA and SGS, this water bladder is BPA free, with no chemical taste or weird flavors, just provide you with a pure and clean drinking experience. Adopted the high frequency welding technology, CHERAINTI hydration bladder is designed with double sealing lines to ensure the 2L hydration reservoir is pressure tolerant and leak-proof.



The 2 liter hydration bladder comes with a wide and large opening, which makes it really easy to collect, fill and refill, and even drain to keep away from bacteria and mold growth. You can reach the inside of water bladder for thoroughly cleaning. It is also convenient to fill in ice cubes to keep water cold. The screw cap closure is water-tight and leak-proof. So no need to worry about the leakage.




There is a push/pull valve on the water bladder to against leakage when at off lever. You can bite the mouthpiece to get water out or use just one hand to squeeze it. The easy flow bite valve provides a big and smooth flow.


hydration reservoir






 3 Liters :



 2 Liters :



Having water is an essential, and hydration bladder makes it easy to carry on your back without having additional containers. SKINMOZ portable and ergonomic hydration reservoir can fit in most backpacks. During outdoor trips, you can hang it to your camp side for easy access to water.

Always keep you hydrated, healthy and happy while you out there exploring the world!







Step 1: Fill the hydration bladder with warm water, half a teaspoon of bleach and two tablespoons of baking soda. Shake, close, then let it sit for 30 minutes or so.

Step 2: Dump out the cleaning solution, rinse well, flush the hose, prop the water reservoir open and hang it to dry.


There is an "on" and "off" bottom on the mouthpiece. If you put it "off", water can't get out. Please also bite while suck the mouthpieces .

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