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Back Massage Wood Roller : Therapy Massage Tool

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Stiffness of the back, neck, and around the shoulder blades is a common malaise that leads to further discomfort in form of headaches, backaches, and reduced mobility.


The answer lies in light but regular massage and stimulation of muscles that are otherwise unworked due to our sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the back is a region that would generally require to be attended by another for massage and relief.

The full-length wooden roller back massager is an innovative solution that allows you to self-massage your back in a most effective manner – even better than having another to do it for you.

Simply grip the ends of the massager and allow the rollers to rub your entire back and shoulders by using it intuitively.


Give your back the relief it deserves!


Our wood back massage roller rope tool is a completely natural special technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage to help eliminate cellulite. Just a few minutes of Using the Wood Therapy Massage Tool Daily, Breaks Up the Deep Cellulite, Reductions of toxins in the Lymphatic System and Cellulite, Restructure Fat.

The roller rope massage tool is made from high-quality 100% natural wood which will withstand the rigors of heavy use while remaining corrosion-free. Connected With Cotton Thread Inside, Professional Polishing Treatment is Not Easy to Cause damage to the Skin, Increased the Length of Rolling Surface, It will Make the Massage More Comfortable. You won’t be disappointed in the Quality and Performance of This Tools.

Massage Stimulates And Relaxes The Body : The roller on the pressure points of your lower back, upper back, middle back, neck, shoulders, feet, arms and other parts of the body to reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, relieve back pain and relax the body.

Customer Experience: Product itself is built well, You No Longer Need to Wait for Someone to Give You a Massage, This Back Massager allows You to Give a Self-care, Help You Reach Any Itch on Your Back. YES, We are Confident in the Design and Easy Use of Our Product.



Specification :

  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 110.00X8.00X2.00cm/ 43.23X3.14X0.79in

Package includes: 

  • 1 x Wood Massager



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