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Automatic Cat Drinking Water Fountain Large Size: Original Fountain

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Is your Cat Dehydrated?


 The Problem 

Still Water is the #1 Cause of Waterborne Diseases
Pets prefer to drink moving freshwater rather than still water found in their bowl. As many pets get their most water from the food they eat and they are often fed a diet of dry kibble - many pets are in a constant phase of dehydration.

Introducing Our New & Original SKINMOZ™



Created by a team of Pet Veterinarians

It was created to ensure our loving pets get plenty of water and avoid dehydration. Made from Eco-Friendly materials that ensure your pet stays healthy and enjoys fresh-tasting water. 





  • Pet-Friendly Technology - Safe, quiet, & easy to use 
  • Can be placed anywhere around the house for easy hydration
  • 5-layer non-toxic charcoal filter to keep your pet healthy and strong
  • Set it & Forget it - A half Gallon (2L) Water Capacity which on average last 1 week
  • The peaceful & silent waterfall helps destress & attracts your pet to drink more water.
  • Energy Efficient - Uses USB for lower energy consumption to save money
  • Perfect for cats or dogs 🐈 🐕


Happy Customers




Will it work for any size pet?
- Yes it works for all breeds and size pets
How frequently should I change the filters?
- Every 3-4 weeks 
Is the fountain battery operated?
- No we made it USB Compatible so it will never run out of power
How loud is it?
- The motor is super silent 


 Best Pet fountain on the Market 
 Best Investment for Pet Lovers!
✓ Risk-FREE - 30 Days Guarantee + It's FREE Shipping
 Effective for Keeping Your Pet Hydrated and Healthy
 Live Stress-FREE Knowing Your Pet's Health is in Good Hands
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BEWARE of Imitation of SKINMOZ™*


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