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Walking Stick For Hiking : Carbon Fiber Trekking And Hiking Poles

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Anyone who’s spent even a bit of time hiking, camping, or traveling through the great outdoors knows that a set of trekking poles can be invaluable. From the snowy tundra to a simple farmland stroll, you’ve got secure footing with the West Trek Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole.

Now Go the Extra Distance and Move Faster, All While Exerting Less Energy!

Introducing SKINMOZ POLES 100% Carbon Trekking Poles that are specially designed for performance, maximum comfort and safety, poles for all seasons and all terrain accessories  .

Choose ultralight carbon fiber and hike light! Carbon fiber poles are 35% lighter than usual aluminum trekking poles


SKINMOZ Trekking Poles Meet All Your Hiking Needs, with its Adjustable Quick Lock Technology, Ultra-Light Design and Shock-Absorbent Materials.

  • Easily and quickly adjust poles' length to fit adults or children

Easier Hiking: When you’re ready to hit the trail, you’ll the way that West Trek Poles help you stay steady without getting in your weight or adding unnecessary weight to your travel. At only 195 grams (6.8 oz.), these ultralight poles are an easy addition.

  • Heavy duty fast locks make sure you stay safe on steep hikes

An Essential Part of your Outdoor Kit : When you need to keep your footing on any terrain, a pair of reliable poles is the easiest solution. For a simple walk in nature or for a more adventurous hike through the uneven ground, the West Trek Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole is a simple and must-have addition to anyone’s outdoor gear.


  • The Best Materials .

Each set of poles is crafted from ultralight, woven carbon fiber that delivers superior impact-resistance. There’s simply no material that delivers this level of strength with such a minimal weight!

  • SKINMOZ Poles offer ultimate comfort, durability and versatility under all trekking conditions for years to come .

The Comfort You Need: Hand fatigue is never an issue thanks to the contoured EVA cork handles designed with ergonomic contours and a moisture-wicking construction. Adjustable wrist straps make sure that your poles never getaway, and they’re also designed to stay dry and not irritate your hands or wrists while you walk.







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