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Camping Sleeping Pad Mats: Sea To Summit Outdoor Mat Ultralight Insulated Backpacking Pad

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Are you literally tired from camping on chilly, rocky, or rough terrain ?

When you're in the outdoors, restorative rest is essential ! Now, getting your beauty sleep while camping is possible with this sleeping mat . Sleep like a baby on our 2.2-inch-thick camping mat and tackle the day to come!


Do you want to sleep comfotably and have a good night after a long day of outdoor adventure?

Are you looking for a sleeping mat that can save available space while offer an elevated sleeping experience?

Are you looking for a compact sleeping pad that can be pumped up in minutes without using mouth or carrying a pump?

Are you getting tired of carry a extra pillow that will increase the burden of your luggage?


Connecting with nature is a precious experience and more people nowadays tend to get into the wild from time to time. Camping allows enjoying the fresh air, marvelous views, and the peaceful sounds of nature. Of course, staying in the open has its challenges, getting a comfortable sleep being one of them.



If you are also a camping enthusiast, and you are not willing to sacrifice comfort while traveling, this option is just the right pick for you. This is a camping sleeping mat that features unique construction. It’s designed to follow the body and will provide the necessary support while you sleep. It’s made possible due to it having Z-shaped air pipes and a W-shaped pillow. With this sleeping pad, you will feel comfortable wherever you are.
self inflating camping mat

Another great feature of this mat is that it’s water-resistant and due to the use of a special technology it can also float on water. Made of high-quality thick nylon, this mat is also easy to care for because it’s washable. The fabric is also ripstop, thus protecting your body from uneven or sharp stones, and making it possible to get quality sleep in almost any surrounding. Feel no cold at all: this camp sleeping pad is thick enough to block the cold from underneath. It will provide you with a soft sleeping place, so you could feel as in the comfort of your own bed.

With this option, you shouldn’t worry about having a too-heavy backpack: this camping pad for sleeping is a lightweight option. Being easily inflatable and compressible, it also takes little space. Its size is 74.8x22.8 inches, making it perfect for almost anyone, but when folded, it’s so compact that it can easily fit into your backpack. Press it, fold compactly, and forget about it till you feel like sleeping.


Good news: if you have more than one camping mat, you can combine several mats to make a greater option with the help of dual sides of buckles. Use this feature to create a comfortable space and enjoy quality sleep.

No more outdated blowing: this modern camping sleeping pad ensures easy and fast inflation. Use the pump to get the perfect results in no time.




With the pump featuring two plugs — one for inflation and one for deflation — spend no time getting this option ready. It will take around 60 seconds to pump it by feet (and around 120 seconds to pump it by hand) and deflating is a simple task as well: pull out the plug and the mat will deflate in seconds.

Start for your adventure, and this user-friendly, ergonomically designed, and built-to-last camping pad will take care of your quality sleep.








"Have used many pads and never been impressed but this one is GREAT. I am a side sleeper and this is the first and lightest one that I can get comfortable! Very impressed. It rolls up very small and light which is perfect for hiking. 2 valves make it easy to inflate and deflate in seconds! My go-to pad now."




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