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Neck Decompression Device, Stretcher Cervical : Traction Device At Home, Stretcher Brace

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In today's world, millions of people suffer from neck pain issues as of full working days and tiredness its become common among every other person. that's why here we are introducing newly Innovated with built-in heating pad cervical neck traction.

Neck pain is very prevalent in our society and is one of the major causes of absence from work today. We often sit hunched up over our computers all day or evening and gradually due to this compression, we may get problems with our spinal discs.





Engineered in purpose to relieve your neck pain and tension with the most ease and convenient way possible. Wear comfortably throughout the whole day without worrying about skin irritation since all materials are used in making this are free from every type of skin allergy.

Despite its full neck coverage the cervical neck traction device still enables it to circulate air. 






5 in 1 Lumbar Massager Relieve Lumbar Muscle Strain .

The new multifunctional waist massager uses airbags to push the lumbar spine up and down to generate two-way dynamic traction to exercise the compressed lumbar spine and help restore healthy physiological curvature. In addition, there are magnetic therapy, vibration massage, hot compress and pulse function, which can help relieve back pain to a greater extent. I believe this will be the perfect gift for family ! 



Built-in Heating Pads .

They will provide fix hot traction for your neck and cervical spine, the hot compress can promote blood circulation to help improve the inflammation of the cervical spine, nerve roots, joint capsules, muscles and other tissues subside, and also can prevent a variety of middle-aged and elderly diseases.



Lumbar Support Belt .

The latest Lumbar Support Corset, including two sets of widened support plates, one set of widened steel plates and another set of widened ABS plates, can support and protect your waist in a larger area, reduce waist pressure, and you can According to your waist condition, you can freely choose different rigidity support plates! This is the best choice for sedentary people and people with lumbar muscle strain!


Adjustable Tightness, Suitable for Different Sizes .

The self-operated neck traction kit can powerful and comfortable support with easy traction to distract the pressure on muscle, nerve tissue and minor fractures of the cervical spine, relieve neck pain and numbness, cervical deformity pain, headache, dizziness, neck stiffness and fatigue, suitable for cervical lordosis, straightening, anti-bow, cervical canal hyperplasia, stenosis pain and other traction correction.


Adjustable Temperature included .

Temperature range: 45℃~55℃~ 65℃


Design Fits The Neck Curve .

Ergonomic design can perfectly fit your neck curve to protect your neck and other sensitive areas from uncomfortable compression and pressure, free to adjust the traction and fixation for better effect.



Specifications :

  • Material: Cotton-woven Fabric+PP Plastic -Color: Grey & Blue -Working Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 2A -Heating Temperature: 3 Adjustable Levels(Level 1: 45ºC -- Level 2: 55ºC
  • Level 3: 65ºC) -Traction Height: 5 Adjustable Levels -Power Supply: USB/DC 5V 2A
  • Packaging Size: appr. 25*19.5*22cm


Package Included(As Picture Shown):

  • 1* Neck Cervical Traction Apparatus Kit
  • 1* Usb Cable
  • 1* User Manual

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