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Robot Phone Charger And holder For Car Auto-Sensing

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Using a cell phone while driving is dangerous not only for you but also for other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

As per National Security Council, mobile phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

You definitely don’t want to be among these stats. 


So get this 2-in-1 SKINMOZ wireless auto sensor car phone holder charger.

Mount it on the air vent of your car and place your phone to be charged wirelessly on this holder.






Smart Wireless Auto-Sensing Car Phone Holder Charger

The "white smile" and bright blinking eyes make your journey more interesting. The new generation of integrated pure copper coils can increase the charging speed by 60%, increase the sensing distance by 45%, and recognize in all directions. Smart touch to unlock, the phone can be taken when the car is turned off



Air Vent Phone Holder Mount

Compared with windshield or dashboard mount, the air vent mount is much easier for you to reach the phone in the car and causes less distraction during driving.No Tools Needed.

Quality material.Anti-scratch & anti-slip rubber material base padding for a secure and safe grip, allowing for a journey.


You can also buy one with fixation if your car doesn't have an Air Vent.





What you’ll get:

  • Convenient use: With your phone charging on this wireless charger, you won’t have to divert your eyes from the road and traffic ahead. It is ideal while using maps on your phone. The holder attaches to the air vent which makes it easy to reach for.
  • Fast & safe charging: 15W Fast Charging Adopts high charging efficiency upgraded independent coil, Qi wireless fast charging provides up faster charge than most wireless car chargers mounts in the market.
  • Universal compatibility: This wireless charger is compatible with most cell phones that support wireless charging.
  • Excellent gift: Surprise your geeky friends with this cool gadget that will surely make their life easier.






  • Type: wireless charging
  • Material: steel core + silicone
  • Color: black, red, yellow, blue
  • Input: 5V 2A/0V 1.37A
  • Output: 10W/7.5W/5W

Package includes:

  • 1*  Wireless Charger
  • 1*  Air Vent Clip
  • 1*  USB Cable
  • 1*  User Manual
  • Option ( Fixation extension )




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Wilber Ankunding

    So well!! Kindly please!!

    Miller Skiles
    Stop right now, you have found THE car phone charger you want!!!

    I know, how excited can you be for a under 30 dollar device??...... lol... let me tell you.
    I was needing a charger for my car, besides the 'ol cable and let the phone slide around the passenger seat, or console while driving, system.I thought, why not go modern.....
    I found this little gem while shopping. When it arrived, I found my car battery had died, and was disappointed that I could not hook it up in my car immediately. Also, I didn't realize I was going to need a quick charge car adapter to get the fast charging capability.
    No worries, stand clear, I am an engineer.....
    I used the USB ac adapter in my home to test for function. As an engineer, we don't read instructions.....
    So, upon first power on, I liked the illumination of the charging status LEDs.
    I jumped a little when the arms moved. lol... yea, If I would have read the instructions, I would have realized just how cool this thing really was.
    It has an infra red sensor on the front of the charger base, and also a touch sensor on each side, about 3/4 down each side.
    So, when you bring your phone close to the cradle, the arms open up, and will close automatically to hug your phone. It does not squeeze your phone, but just enough pressure to keep it in place. And yes, cringing, I turned the cradle upside down to see if my phone was going to fall out of the cradle. It was held very nicely in place, and did not fall out.
    This kit is nice. It comes with a clip style, and also a 3m adhesive mount. I used the clip to mount it on my air vent. I had to find the sweet spot on the vent, to make this rock solid. because of the way air vents are made, there is some curvature in the blades. I can touch the screen, move icons, and do whatever I normally do with the screen, and the phone is stable. It does not wobble,or shift.
    This is a very nice charger. The arms do not intrude on the phone screen at all. I have a LG V30, so, it is a good sized phone. The arms extended out beyond my phone, so, it will take a larger phone too.... lol... but not like a tablet though...
    I wish I had found this earlier. I will be getting my wife one of these too.
    If you pass this up, you will be very sorry for what you will be missing.
    A well made device, is fun to own, for a very good price.
    highly highly recommend. just get this.

    Mona Walter

    Skinmoz brand is always the best here, super good quality charger !!! i recommend it highly

    Uriel Nitzsche

    Fast shipping, the product is good

    Ayden Murazik

    Fashion Buddy Charger: Auto-Sensing Robot Phone Charger And holder For Car

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