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Portable Anti-Rust Small SandBlaster : sandblasting portable

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Need To Clean And Remove Rust And Dirt From Home or Outdoor Products ?


This portable anti-rust sandblasting is perfectly designed to abrade unwanted surface materials such as rust, paint, oil, and other stubborn stains.

Convenient and easy to operate!! This tool will get the job done faster and more efficiently.




  • High quality kit tackles any job around the shop or home; complete with ¼ inch NPT quick connector, extra steel tip, media filter, user manual & media guide .
  • High performance tool designed to outperform with gravity fed reservoir to ensure more consistent work; fully adjustable control valve that automates sand flow precisely .
  • Versatile to use; supports media such as steel grit, glass beads, silicon carbide and more; cleans, restores, and prevents corrosion on multiple surfaces; also for etching glass and carving stone .
  • Easy to use; simply follow the setup instructions, connect to your air compressor, and load the preferred abrasive or sandblasting media based on the work and results you want to achieve .



So whether you need to clean a rusty and dirty surface, or simply have to smoothen out some portions of metal, this tool will get the job faster with a great amount of efficiency .


The Gravity Feed Sandblaster is the one air tool built for versatility. Since this tool is gravity fed, it requires no more than a common air hose and is already equipped with its own large capacity abrasive container for convenient loading. 


Some applications include but not limited to: Removing rust from Iron, glass & mirror etching, Steel, and all types of metals, Etching flagstoneclean dirty grout and tile, glass etching and so on. 




Good Gardening Tool

The AS118-3 Water Blaster can push water at high pressure, creating a mist of fine water that can cover a wide area of the plant without damaging them. This high water pressure blasting consumes less water, making it very efficient in terms of cost and effort.



Great Spot Blaster for Restoration

Remove rust and moss on metal, wood, and other surfaces and see the transformation before your very eyes with this amazing water and sandblaster in one. Its cost-efficient benefits help bring an old piece of metal to a fine material ready for use. Not only that, you can completely restore a piece of old equipment or machine too!



Clean Surfaces Instantly

Finish difficult cleaning jobs and eliminate dirt, grease, moss, stain, and grime on swimming pools, walls, floors, and other dirty surfaces fast and easy. The sandblaster  is very lightweight without causing strains on your hands and arms. Tough on dirt but easy on the homeowner, the AS118-3 is a great cleaning companion that even wives love it too!



Perfect Etching and DIY Tool

Into arts and crafts or looking for a fast and easy way for engraving? Etching is better and can be done quickly with the use of an AS118-3 sandblaster . Achieve clean finish without creating damage on your favorite bottle, glass, concrete wall, and other surfaces too.





How To Use The Mini Air Sandblaster  :


1️⃣ Connect to your air compressor.

2️⃣ Before using, calibrate to your preferred medium settings.

3️⃣ Pour into the chamber the type of medium that you want to use.

4️⃣ Point to the object in treatment and start clicking  . 

5️⃣ Once the clicking is done, turn off the air compressor and detach accordingly.

6️⃣ Clean and store away with original accessories .



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